An expert in the field of medical ultrasound technology development, James Mehi is the co-inventor of several patented innovations related to ultrasound imaging equipment and software. He currently serves as the Director of Advanced Development at VisualSonics, Inc., a Canadian company that develops and manufactures pre-clinical imaging solutions. At VisualSonics, James Mehi directs the technical development of advanced imaging products that facilitate effective diagnosis, research, and treatment.

Having participated in the formation of VisualSonics in 1999 at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, James Mehi played a major role in the development of several high-frequency ultrasound imaging systems, including one of its most important technology solutions, the Vevo2100. The next-generation imaging solution utilizes high-frequency ultrasound to generate superior resolution and promote more efficient preclinical research. In addition, he is involved in the development of novel imaging technologies for the Vevo2100. James Mehi’s work at VisualSonics encompasses responsibilities such as system architecture, hardware, and signal and image processing.

The innovations established by James Mehi and his colleagues resulted in a number of ultrasound and imaging patents in high-frequency ultrasound system design and transducer development. In addition to his patents, he co-authored numerous papers outlining the details of his research and development efforts. These articles appeared in such publications as Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology and Acoustical Imaging, and they were also featured in such venues as the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers International Ultrasonics Symposium Proceedings.

James Mehi attended the University of Toronto, where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. For his graduate thesis, he conducted exploration and reported results for the development of a Doppler ultrasound system that could be used to detect diseases of the carotid artery. After completing his Master’s degree, James Mehi continued his research on this project at the school’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering before moving on to work in the ultrasound industry for companies such as Medasonics, Acuson, and Advanced Technology Laboratories.


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